4 city employees now positive for COVID-19


HONOLULU (KHON2) –The city announced on Tuesday that an Environmental Services worker tested positive for COVID-19. They say the worker, in sewer maintenance, is part of a family cluster and other members also work for the city. Officials say the employee got tested on Friday and got his positive result on Saturday, but did not let his supervisor know until late Sunday night.

That’s when the city’s infectious disease specialist got involved. We learned 7 co-workers that had significant contact with the infected worker are under self-quarantine.

“He started having symptoms on the 2nd and we started to trace back on the 29th. And so anybody that was working with him from the 29th on, I contacted them,” said the city’s Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Jill Omori

This case is part of a family cluster. Environmental Services Director Lori Kahikina says the employee’s father also works at the same base yard.

“The son and father work for us at Environmental Services. The employee’s mother, the 3 of them, live together. So the mother works for the Parks Department and the son works for ENV, they are both positive and, of course, the brother, who does not work for the city, is also positive,” said Kahikina.

The Environmental Services Division is changing some of its protocols by providing more disposable masks to workers and making it mandatory that they wear them at all times.

“The crews are standing over a manhole, there are gasses, there’s wastewater splashing on them. So the cloth mask is not very good. It’s going to get soiled,” said Kahikina.

The city says it has a total of 4 employees who tested positive for the virus. This case, the bus driver, and 2 from the Department of Parks and Recreation.

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