Mixed Plate: Karaoke, oldies still hopping in Hong Kong

Mixed Plate

Hong Kong’s focus may be on the future of finance and technology, but when it comes to music, many are looking to the past.

Karaoke clubs feature either small rooms or large dance halls. The volume is up and the tunes are from decades past.

Ben Lee is celebrating his 63rd birthday doing the two things he loves the most: dancing and singing at Club Nabi, where oldies rule.

“Oldies in Hong Kong relate to their daily life, especially people 45 and above,” explained Barinna Poon. “They remind themselves of how they live, because the lyrics are about life of the regular people.”

It’s not just the baby boomers. “I actually know about Michael Jackson. He is one of my idols,” said CJ Hung.

Just 21 years ago, Hong Kong was a British colony with Cantonese and English as its official languages, so tunes from America were readily understood and embraced. Now under China rule, Mandarin is often heard on the streets and on the airwaves.

Meanwhile, millennials in Hong Kong have put their own spin on American hip-hop to create a popular new movement.

You can learn more about that when A Mighty Manapua Mixed Plate premieres on June 20 at 9:30 p.m. on KHON2. Click here for more information.

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