Mixed Plate: Din Tai Fung’s famous soup dumplings

Mixed Plate

When in Rome, you have to try the pasta. When in London, the fish and chips.

But when you’re in Taiwan, there’s one restaurant that shouldn’t be missed.

Din Tai Fung is known for its xiaolongbao, or little basket bun – a mini manapua that’s a dumpling and soup wrapped together in a fluffy dough.

A dozen cooks are dedicated to making just this specialty, feverishly wrapping the fillings. The dough of each bun must be folded 18 times to seal in the minced pork and aspic. Once steamed, the aspic melts into a savory soup.

It costs roughly $7.20 for 10 dumplings. Din Tai Fung has dozens of locations around the world.

Website: http://dintaifungusa.com/

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