HONOLULU (KHON2) — KHON’s celebration of the 35th anniversary of Mixed Plate continues with an encore presentation of its Emmy-winning journey to the Sacred Mountain.

Pamela Young brings us a peek at “Beyond the Cinnabar Gate.”

The Sacred Mountain comes alive as blessings are bestowed with the annual mochi throw. Usually, these mushy sweet cakes are hardened for a day to acquire the necessary aerodynamic properties.

The Koyasan mochi is more than a flying snack. It’s good luck to catch and eat one on this birthday of Kobo Daishi.

“Koyasan is quite special. When you enter the gate, there is a sense you’re entering another world. Today, you still will feel that as you walk around looking at things that are thousands of years old. You feel a sense of history.”

And a sense of continuity.

Nearly every hand, nearly every voice, is raised in celebration on this day.