Mixed Plate: Taiwan’s abundance of festivals puts regional cultures in spotlight


While many in the U.S. may have a favorite holiday, in Taiwan, residents likely have a harder time choosing a favorite.

That’s because they celebrate many holidays.

From a Sky Lantern Festival in Pingxi to a Beehive Firecracker Festival in Yanshui, every season in Taiwan has its regional festivities.

These celebrations are often religious observances that bring the community and foreigners together.

“All those festivals, they’re just symbols. They can create unique occasions not just to our people, but to the foreigner. Let them come, to join us, to touch, enjoy, and share those happiness to each other,” said Henry Chen, Taiwan International Information Services ambassador.

“Music and the stage play a very important role in our society to purify people’s minds and to uplift their spiritual level,” said Chen Wan-Ho, Dream Lotus Culture & Art Foundation, via a translator.

The festivals are also opportunities to showcase regional food specialties like Taiwan’s traditional oyster omelet, which is served at every outdoor night market.

“We have to keep those traditions, culture forever. It’s not just for us, but for our children, and our children’s children,” Chen said.

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