Mixed Plate: K-Mania, Heart and Seoul


When it comes to popular music, television soap drama and beauty trends, where are all eyes focused? Mixed Plate goes to Korea!

The phenomenon known as the Korean Wave is influencing every aspect of modern culture not only in its home country but around the world. The meteoric rise of K-Pop and K-Drama stars on the tube, in theatres and online has brought K-Mania to international audiences.

Pamela Young cheers on the boy bands and girl groups at Seoul’s talent-launching television show and goes to a major concert to see why PSY (Gangnam Style) remains the country’s top superstar.

We see how K-Mania has made Seoul the plastic surgery mecca of Asia, spend a day in the steam rooms of a neighborhood bathhouse, get an acupuncture facelift and harvest kelp along the southern coast for that elixir of good health: seaweed.

And did we mention we’re going to a Mud Festival? Boryeong mud is packed with skin nutrients so once a year villagers are given free rein to cover themselves (and others) with the wet stuff in a celebration of their major export.

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