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  • Mel Robbins National Sweepstakes – Shelby Ozaki
  • The Living808 Rams Cowboys Sweepstakes – Darren Juliano, Ethel Passion
  • Alaska Airlines Great Escape Giveaway – Kaleo Ibay
  • Dogwalkers Etc. Pet Picture Giveaway – Adriene Nawrocki, Lexus Fontanilla, Janice Rios, Mihoko Taylor, Michael-John Lazaro, Mae Keyes
  • The Phantom of the Opera Sweepstakes – Alan Matsui
  • The Moana Surfrider “Mom & Me” Staycation Giveaway – Ann Andres
  • College Basketball 3 in 1 – Kent Sakaguchi, Alton Mitsuyuki, Joy Sakaguchi, Kent Sakaguchi, Joy Sakaguchi, Ed Kobayashi, Kent Sakaguchi, Kent Sakaguchi, Loren Nakamura

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