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Outsourcing Plays a Vital Role in Recession 2023: Offshore Remote Staff Partnering is The Secret To Successful Startups

Timothy Witucki, President Omada One

Outsourcing, and Partnership plays a vital role in the success and survival of a disruptive startup

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- One Team, One Vision. Omada One is a Next-Generation Premium Outsourcing support solution provider. We manage, build and scale disruptive startup and unicorn businesses with building and operating offshore/nearshore world-class remote teams and dedicated staff offshoring services. At Omada One, "Great solutions should be built, not sold," says Timothy Witucki, President of Omada One Inc., an organization based onshore in San Francisco, California and offshore in The Philippines. Witucki focuses on delivering data driven analytics, key staff performance and execution around hiring smart people and operating low cost micro technology, DevOps, software development, and accounting contact centers throughout the Asia Pacific Region designed to empower teams to reach their full potential and meet your expectations.

At Omada One, they optimize, manage, scale and grow smart people, drive performance and outcomes and reduce costs. The value add a business receives from partnering with Omada One extends well beyond labor cost savings and includes improved remote outsourcing staff efficiency, execution, effectiveness, flexibility, quality assurance training, and performance.

While the front office of an organization traditionally acts as the face of the company, the back office is the driving force behind every startup organization. The front office attracts customers, drives in new business, and the back office support keeps them stable and satisfied and the ability to scale and grow a dedicated team. Attracting and retaining new employees is increasingly difficult in this economy and near recession. Team members want stimulating and challenging work but are all too often stuck behind a computer screen instead of sitting in front of the clients. Startups lack the capacity to scale and grow. Low margin compliance and administrative work chews up too many hours, leaving less time for high-margin strategic and advisory work.

According to Witucki, many startups outsource their contact centers, DevOps, and other back-office duties to strengthen and build their internal delivery capacity. Redistributing the workload from an overworked, in-house staff to a highly-skilled, remote team sets the foundation for the most productivity among staff, allowing the company to satisfy and exceed clients' and stakeholders’ expectations while still adding to its profitability.

Many startup companies have turned to Omada One Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia as their offshore outsourcing destination partner, thanks to the country's many competitive advantages, including investments in world-class processes, bandwidth data access, speed and technologies and infrastructure, education-neutral English and over 15 multilingual languages offered, stable and growing economy, that enable Omada One to provide exceptional customer experience (CX) support, DevOps, software development, accounting and finance support solutions. Additionally, the country’s thriving outsourcing industry provides reliable 24/7 - 365 days on with omni-channel support, saving companies between 48-to 62% in labor and HMO costs.

Our process begins with you. We take the time to understand your goals, listen first and customize our solution services to your exact requirement staffing needs. Through this discovery phase, we find out what type of talent will help you most, what skills, certifications and years of experience they need and how best to train them to your exact job specifications. Using over 40+ years of nearshore/offshore staffing outsourcing experience, we detail a plan that will exceed your expectations and define your success for years to come as your working business partner.

Omada One was specifically formed for creating outsourced dedicated talent solutions for busy, growing disruptive startups and unicorn companies. Every 30-50 outsourced dedicated staff positions identified is approximately $1Million USD (ROI) in annual savings back into your growing business. We typically find when working with startup companies there are numerous non-strategic opportunities for nearshore/offshore remote staff roles that have been overlooked or not being considered. Witucki states that most CEOs, CFOs and business leaders he speaks with are normally very surprised by the savings enabling them to reinvest in other strategic business strategy initiatives.

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