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Darren & Mike Help Entrepreneurs Find Their Target Audience

A picture of a person writing ‘audience’ on a whiteboard, Darren and Mike Dream Team help entrepreneurs find their target audience

The Darren and Mike Dream Team help others find their target audience.

Darren and Mike, an online marketing consultant duo, have helped thousands of online entrepreneurs realize their dreams through their online mentoring program.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, October 25, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Darren and Mike, a British Columbia, Vancouver-based online marketing consultant duo, have already helped thousands of online entrepreneurs realize their dreams through their online mentoring program.

The program, commonly referred to as the Darren and Mike Dream Team shares a wealth of knowledge and tools that online business owners need to find success in their respective endeavors.

Among other things, the Darren and Mike online business course focuses strongly on identifying the target audience for a business. According to Darren and Mike, understanding one's target audience is one of the keys to success for startups and small business owners.
How to Identify the Target Audience

A business can gain valuable knowledge about the nature of its target audience from its already existing consumer base, however small. Business owners should look deeply into the information they find about people already using their products or services.

Some questions entrepreneurs can consider are; what demographics do they fall into? What language do they speak? The spending power and patterns of this audience. Their location and interests.

These are valuable data points that businesses can use to gain vital insight into their target audience, i.e., people who are interested in their products and are most likely to buy from them.

For complete startups or businesses at a very early stage of their career, Darren and Mike's advice is to look closely at their competition and analyze what the competitors are doing to attract more audiences and scale their business.

This means following the social media feeds of the competitors, having a thorough look at the competitors' websites, and using the right kind of social listening tools to gain valuable insights about the marketing efforts and other practices of the competition.

Darren and Mike explain that this not only helps new business owners have a good understanding of their target audience but can also help them identify areas that the competition has neglected or overlooked. Subsequently, a business can exploit these areas to its advantage.
Benefits of Knowing Your Target Audience

As Darren and Mike put it, the target audience is the foundation of any business. Unless one understands its target audience, one can go nowhere with business endeavors. On the other hand, once a business knows and understands its target audience, it can use that knowledge to several benefits.

To begin with, it can develop and customize its products in line with the needs and aspirations of its audience. Similarly, knowing one's target audience helps the business craft an effective marketing strategy that is likely to yield the best possible ROI.

Darren and Mike explain that they have seen too many new businesses committing the common mistake of trying to attract too large an audience within its niche.

However, this can often prove to be the downfall of a business. At any rate, this practice hinders rather than furthers the growth aspirations of a business.

For small business owners, it is imperative that they spend their marketing dollars in a wise and informed manner. In other words, their marketing efforts should focus on a specific market (the target audience) that is most likely to buy from them.

This means narrowing down the information, language, and marketing channels one uses to build strong engagement with its core audience.

This kind of marketing strategy helps keep down the marketing costs and prevents the message from being too general, thereby ensuring the best returns on one's marketing dollars.

However, this approach does not mean limiting a business's growth potential. On the contrary, as Mike and Darren affirm. Once a business starts its journey on the growth trajectory, it can then consider developing more products that are likely to appeal to its target audience.

As with any endeavor, one must take one step at a time. And as for targeting a broader spectrum, a business can always do that once it has reached a certain growth level on its journey–by that time, it will also need to redefine its target audience.

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