HONOLULU (KHON2) — The State Board of Land and Natural Resources announced on Thursday that it adopted Hawaii Administrative Rules with the purpose of designating the Milolii Community Based Subsistence Fishing Area to the community.

According to BLNR, the designation is intended to ensure abundant stocks of priority species and high-quality fishing now and in the future for residents and visitors to Milolii.

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The protection of the fishing area was also created to “reaffirm and perpetuate fishing practices that were customarily and traditionally exercised for Native Hawaiian subsistence, culture, or religion along the southwest coast of Hawai’i Island.”

For many South Kona residents, fishing in the Milolii area is their primary occupation, according to BLNR. From generation to generation, with over 500 years of resources from the fishing grounds, families of Milolii are able to benefit from the abundance of fish and refer to the area as their icebox.

“This has been a long road for the people of Miloli‘i, but they persevered, and the designation of the CBSFA will ensure long-term sustainable populations of fish and other marine species and encourage the scientific study and understanding of subsistence fishing management.”


State officials worked closely with the Milolii-based community group to create rules that would help preserve the fishing area.

The CBSFA rules include:

  • Size and/or bag limits for pāku‘iku‘I, kole, uhu, opihi, and ula
  • Seasonal restrictions for kole, ‘ōpelu, ‘ū ‘ū, and uhu
  • No take of terminal males (blue) of the larger uhu species
  • No take of female ‘a‘ama with eggs
  • No take of ‘opihi kō‘ele
  • No commercial aquarium fishing
  • Specific gear and species restrictions within several sub-areas within the broader CBSFA boundary

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The next step to making this fishing vision a reality is Gov. David Ige signing the plan.