Porsche is working on its biggest vehicle yet. It will be a fully electric three-row SUV, and according to dealer sources that have seen it, it won’t simply resemble a scaled-up version of the Cayenne or Macan.

The seventh model line was confirmed in July by Porsche CEO Oliver Blume, who said the introduction is part of Porsche’s strategy to boost margins by focusing more on high-end segments. As a result, the vehicle will be positioned higher than the Cayenne.

Automotive News (subscription required) reported this week the vehicle is code-named K1, and could start sales in the U.S. as early as 2026. A dealer that was shown an image last year described it in an inteview with Automotive News as “part sedan, part crossover.” Another said it is “very un-Porsche-like” and “not anything like the Macan and Cayenne.”

When confirming the vehicle, Blume described it as “a very sporty interpretation of an SUV.”

Production will be handled at Porsche’s plant in Leipzig, Germany, where the Panamera and Macan are built. The plant will also build the upcoming electric Macan.

The electric Macan, whose launch has been delayed about a year to 2024 due to software issues, uses Volkswagen Group’s PPE dedicated EV platform, which was spearheaded by Porsche and fellow VW Group brand Audi. It’s possible the new SUV will use this platform, though there’s also the possibility the vehicle uses a high-performance version of VW Group’s more advanced SSP platform, which Porsche is developing. The SSP platform will spawn its first model in 2026, though this will be a Volkswagen.

All Porsche has said about the technical side is that technology will be borrowed from Porsche’s Mission R concept shown in 2021. The concept featured a high-performance battery, a 920-volt electrical system, and oil-cooled electric motors.

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