Stephanie Shinno

Stephanie Shinno joined the KHON2 News team August 2021.

Working for KHON2 news was one of her dreams.

She is half Filipino and half Japanese.

She is originally from Kaua’i and moved to Oahu to work for Hawai’i. She was a reporter for The Garden Island Newspaper.

When she isn’t writing, you can find her throwing a football with her two sons, or writing a new song with her daughter.

She loves to try new cuisines and create new infusion dishes with her kids. She has been working since she was in fifth grade at her mom’s old restaurant.

If she isn’t pushing alerts or writing breaking news, you can find her at the golf course working on her short game or catching up on the latest Korean drama.

She hopes to live a long healthy life, so she can watch her kids grow. But if things get too boring, she hopes to live her biggest dream of all–becoming a songwriter.

You can reach her at

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