Max Rodriguez

Max is a news junkie. When he was a kid he would watch the evening news with his grandparents, and he now feels blessed he gets to be on the other side of the television screen informing the community. 

Max grew up in the Southern California desert, and the view of Palm Trees and desert mountains will always take him back home. He loves to take adventures and explore this massive planet, that is part of the reason why he is now living and loving Hawaii. 

Before joining the KHON2 news team, Max was a multimedia reporter at NBC Palm Springs. In Palm Springs he covered wildfires, poverty, immigration and environmental stories surrounding the delicate Joshua Tree National Park. 

His favorite part of reporting is being able to have a platform to ask questions to answer concerns people in the community may have. 

When Max is not chasing down a story, you may find him at the beach listening to a podcast or probably cooking Mexican food at home.

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