Manolo Morales

Manolo Morales says he learned everything he knows about television news at KHON2.

The New York City native started out as an intern while studying broadcast journalism at University of Hawaii at Manoa, then moved into the studio as a teleprompter operator. After graduation, Manolo worked as a news photographer for four years before transitioning into on-air reporting in 1993.

“News reporting gives me chance to help others,” he says. “Sure there were disasters and other major events that were covered nationally and internationally, but the best moments in doing this job were the times that I covered stories on regular people who needed help.”

When he’s not chasing down a story, Manolo can be found spending time with his wife and two dogs – most likely checking out new places to eat or trying different recipes. After 17 years as a live reporter for the morning news, Manolo is well-equipped to do both.

“I’m still a foodie at heart!” he says.

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