Kelly Simek

Kelly Simek arrived at the University of Hawaii at Manoa with the intent of majoring in journalism.

But when the Carlsbad, Calif., native took her first meteorology course freshman year, everything changed. “I absolutely loved it. I have always excelled in math and science, and because meteorology requires an extensive background in both, I thought it was a fascinating and exciting field of study,” she says.

So Kelly created her own “Broadcast Meteorology” degree, studying meteorology, journalism, communications and geography. “I realized that I would still be able to help and inform the public with my new interest by reporting the weather,” she says. Kelly was recently admitted to the university’s graduate program, where she will continue to study meteorology.

Kelly is no stranger to being in front of an audience. The former Miss East Oahu was also the University of Hawaii’s featured baton twirler and regularly performed with the band at football, basketball and volleyball games.

If Kelly isn’t tracking the weather, the outdoor enthusiast is most likely experiencing it first-hand – either at the beach or on a hiking trail.

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