Gina Mangieri

As KHON2’s investigative reporter, Gina Mangieri focuses on stories “that can help right a wrong.”

“We’re always trying to keep an eye out for taxpayers and their money, while ensuring laws and rules are applied fairly, regardless of someone’s influence or connections,” she says.

With her Always Investigating series, Gina tracks and raises awareness on many important issues, such as the high cost of rail and the mistreatment of fishermen in Hawaii’s longliner fleet.

“We were the first to expose the unfair labor practices that got authorities’ attention to make changes,” she says.

Gina received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in journalism from Northwestern University, and has worked in New York, London, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. as a reporter and editor in print and broadcast journalism.

She moved to Hawaii in 1999 and joined KHON2 in 2004.

She attributes her career in journalism to her mother, who was an investigative newspaper reporter in New York. “Ink is in the blood,” she says.

When she’s not working, Gina and her husband, Doug, love to stay active with their two boys, Cole and Rowen. They can often be found playing soccer, practicing Taekwondo and kickboxing, and playing music.

Their house is full of instruments, but, she jokes, “we have no plans to go on the road right now.”

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