Elizabeth Ufi

Before she was working for Hawaii, Elizabeth ‘Ufi was a Searider at Waianae High School. It was during her time as a student that she realized she would never give up on news.

Being a part of her high school’s broadcast media program, Searider News, was her most memorable time as a student. Elizabeth participated in local and national competitions with the program but it was the inspiration behind every story that stuck with her.

Her favorite parts of journalism were learning a new life lesson from each story and having the chance to be a part of other people’s worlds from farmers to politicians.

That passion continued with her after she graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a journalism degree. In college, she was reporter and anchor for the university’s College of Social Sciences UHMtv.

After being a student in the broadcast realm for so long, Elizabeth now enjoys what she’s learned from being a producer with KHON2’s digital department. As a digital producer, Elizabeth learned the steps to creating web content that would reach audiences across multiple platforms.

“While breaking news can be stressful, I love the way it brings the newsroom together,” she said. “Just seeing everyone come together to connect the dots for a story is so exciting. I love the teamwork behind that.”

Elizabeth says it was through the help of her inspiring digital team that’s pushed her to make her on-air appearance as a storyteller for the station’s Consumer Alerts.

When she’s not in the newsroom, Elizabeth likes to stay active. She enjoys weightlifting, going to the beach and going on runs through the neighborhood.

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