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Chevy joined the KHON2 ohana in March of 2022. He has 23 years of meteorology experience in the Air Force, National Weather Service (NWS) and as a broadcast meteorologist. He holds a BS degree in Atmospheric Sciences from Ohio State University as well as a masters degree in Environmental Sustainability. He was granted the American Meteorological Society’s Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) seal of approval. It is awarded to broadcast meteorologists who demonstrate the highest level of competency and expertise in communicating climate information, hydrology and complex weather.

Born and raised in Toronto, Ohio, a small town outside of Pittsburgh, he enlisted in the Army after high school where he was a generator and vehicle mechanic. In 1991, Chevy deployed to Saudi Arabia and Iraq for the Persian Gulf War and in 1995 to Bosnia after the Dayton Peace Accords.

Chevy’s first TV job was at WTAP in Parkersburg, WV. Later, he moved on to WOWK in Huntington, West Virginia. After 9/11, he decided to go back to the military when the Air Force offered him a commission as a Weather Officer. He rose to the rank of Captain and Flight Commander of 50 weather Airmen. In 2010, Chevy decided to leave the Air Force. He was honorably discharged then took a TV job his former News Director offered him to work at KTVX TV in Salt Lake City.

In 2012, Chevy was offered and accepted another job that would bring him to Hawaii and change his life forever. He worked for the NWS in Hilo for two years then moved to the Honolulu NWS office in 2014. Chevy retired from the military/government in August of 2020 with 22 years of proud service then returned to his true passion…broadcast meteorology. Though he wanted to stay in Hawaii, there were no TV job openings. He then went to KMTR in Eugene, Oregon to be their evening meteorologist. When there was an opening at KHON in 2022, Chevy jumped at the opportunity to work in Hawaii again, which he considers his home.

Chevy has had many great experiences as a meteorologist. He once delivered a live weather forecast on TV from a hot air balloon. In 2015 His team at the NWS’s Central Pacific Hurricane Center tracked three category four hurricanes at the same time. But the most exciting of all was working as a meteorologist at Nellis AFB and getting to fly a familiarization flight in an F-15E Strike Eagle fighter jet. Although a Colonel flew the aircraft from the front seat, he let Chevy take the stick and fly solo for a little while. They did barrel rolls, flew upside-down, pulled upwards of 7 to 8 Gs several times, and broke the sound barrier. Chevy was a pile of jello at the end of the flight. It was a fantastic thrill and an honor to see up close what pilots go through.

In his spare time Chevy likes to watch and play sports, be outdoors, and watch movies, either at the theater or in his home theater. He also works with his nephew reviewing movies.

You can watch Chevy weekday mornings on Wake Up 2Day.

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