This year marks 75 years of the Waikīkī Surf Club. In this episode of Aloha Authentic, host Kamaka Pili sits down with President of Waikīkī Surf Club Luana Froiseth and Secretary Glenell Choy to learn about the club’s rich history. 

Waikīkī Surf Club was founded in February of 1948 by a group of Beach Boys who wanted to compete in canoe racing after being turned away from joining other canoe clubs. When thinking of a club name, they chose “Waikīkī Surf Club”, as opposed to the obvious choice “Waikīkī Canoe Club” because it was founded by surfers, not canoe paddlers.  

The club would grow and win competitions, as well as be one of the first canoe clubs to cross the Molokai channel from Molokai to Oʻahu. Today, that competition is called the Molokai Hoe. 

What makes Hawaiian canoe racing unique from the rest of the world is using Koa canoes — Waikīkī Surf Club own two: Tūtū and Mālia. The Mālia is arguably the most significant out of the Hawaiian racing outrigger canoes and became the shape of modern racing fiberglass canoes. Today, the shape is still used in races all over the world.