HONOLULU (KHON2) – In Hawaii, names are very important as they tell a story. Do you know the meaning behind the street you live on?  

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Our weekly “Aloha Authentic” segment highlights various roadways around the island so we can dig into its meaning and learn a bit of Hawaii’s history. 

This month features our Hawaiian monarchs and this week, we’re shedding light on the Kamehamehas. 

In the ahupuaa of Manoa, which lies in the moku of Kona here on Oahu, we’re featuring the monarchs who first ruled the Hawaiian Kingdom.

We are talking about Kamehameha Avenue.

King Kamehameha I, also known as Kamehameha the Great, founded the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1810 when he gained control over all of the islands.  

Before passing away, he named his eldest son, Liholiho, as his successor to become King Kamehameha II.  

But after only a few years, Liholiho passed away after succumbing to measles while on a trip to Europe.   

He named his younger brother, Kauikeaouli, as his heir. Kauikeaouli became King Kamehameha III in 1825 and after reigning for nearly 30 years, his health declined, leading him to name his younger nephew, Alexander Liholiho, as the next king.   

King Kamehameha IV served for almost a decade before he passed away due to asthma and a broken heart.  

He named his older brother, Prince Lot Kapuaiwa, as his successor.   

The prince became King Kamehameha V, but unfortunately, the dynasty came to a close with his death because he failed to successfully name his heir. 

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Did you know? Now you do! 

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