Kahili: an object that signifies royalty

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Have you ever realized our streets are given a Hawaiian name? Have you ever questioned what it means? This segment highlights various streets around the islands so we can learn more about our native culture. 

This month, we are learning about the island of Kauai and a feathery standard that everyone needed to be aware of. Here stands a system of roads that carry the name of an object that signifies the presence of royalty.

To Hawaiians of old and today, birds are one of the most revered animals. The feathers they grow are held in esteem. To showcase their rank of power, feathers would be worn that would comment on individual ranks. Other feathered objects were crafted, including the feather standard, signifying the presence of royalty. 

Designs varied from long staff standards seen above vegetation to handheld ones. In old Hawaii, it was prudent to be aware of standards belonging to various chiefs, as it could lead to a situation of life or death.

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