HONOLULU (KHON2) — In the ahupuaa of Manoa, which lies in the moku of Oahu, lies a roadway named after the true essence and spirit of the islands.

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We are talking about Aloha Dr.

The idea to celebrate the “spirit of aloha” through an event started in 1946.

A group called the Jaycee Oldtimers of Hawaii put on the first-ever Aloha Week, which honors our unique music, dance and history.

It’s great success lead to it becoming an annual event.

The second “Aloha Week” nearly doubled in size. It also increased in cultural recognition and its publicity outside the islands.

Makahiki games, which were played in the olden days, became a fixture of the festival allowing the ancient traditions to continue.

Local businesses were encouraged to participate in the week’s celebrations.

That included window decoration contests and the urge to allow employees to wear aloha attire once a week.

It was also this year when the infamous “Aloha Week” ribbons began as a means to raise money for the event’s operations.

Fast forward to the year 1991, “Aloha Week” evolved into a month-long celebration and was renamed “Aloha Festivals.”

This year, we’re celebrating its 74th anniversary of sharing aloha.

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