What do you need to know about returning gifts?

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — Christmas is over which means the holiday return rush has begun.

Here are tips on how to make the return process run smoothly in the KHON2 Action Line Consumer Alert.

As you begin making your holiday returns, remember that policies can change during the holidays and may not apply to sale items.

Also, learn the warranty policy on any electronic or home appliance presents you received.

“If you get a gift and you have the warranty with it, the warranty is from the manufacturer of the product not from the retailer,” explained BBB Hawaii Marketplace manager Roseann Freitas. “So many times if there is an issue with it you need to go directly to the manufacturer.”

Other tips to remember are always keep the receipt and packaging and bring your I.D.

Freitas says it’s also a good time to double check some of the presents you received.

“Say you have a gift certificate, make sure that website is legitimate,” warned Freitas. “So you want to follow up and see if it’s the real thing. Or you got a gift, and it didn’t quite meet that expectation of what it looked like onilne. It could be that they sold you a switch and bait which is when they give you something of less quality then you had purchased.”

When it comes to returning items online, make sure you know the return policy.

Find out if they accept returns and who pays the shipping when an item is exchanged.

“Sometimes you have to send it back,” noted Freitas. “You need to find out who’s responsible for the postage becasue that can make a big difference. So you want to contact the retailer who you bought it from online, and ask them their return policy. Verify with them the procedure that needs to be followed before returning the product.”

Our action line volunteers are off during the holidays.

If you have a concern or are interested in becoming an Action Line volunteer, you can still give us a call at 591-0222.

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