Visions of counterfeit items dance in their heads

Action Line

HONOLULU (KHON2) — The holiday shopping spree is upon us. If you are doing any shopping online, officials say to beware of counterfeit items.

As you search online, you may notice ads popping up related to what you were searching for. In some cases, they can be fraudulent.

“You’re going to pay, they’re going to send you a cheap knock off product and you’ve paid more money than it costs. So number one they have your money but another part of it is they have your name and your address so now you’re on this list for potential,” said Roseann Freitas, Better Business Bureau Hawaii’s Marketplace Manager.

Always make sure you are shopping on legitimate websites and never click on ads you see through social media. Another tip, never rely on reviews to determine if the website is reputable. Scammers use fake reviews to convince consumers to shop on their fraudulent sites.

“Look at that web address itself make sure it’s the correct one look does the company have a mailing address does it have a phone number? These are things that most legitmate companies will put on their website so if those are missing those are probably red flags,” said Freitas.

A good reminder is to always use your credit card when shopping online. Credit card companies do offer refunds if items are counterfeit or sold fraudulently.

“On the back of your credit card is a phone number call your credit card company because they will put a stop on your payment and help you with doing a charge back on your credit card,” said Freitas.

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