Tips in honor of National Cybersecurity awareness month

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — October is national cybersecurity awareness month.

Officials stress the importance of taking proactive steps to enhance cybersecurity at home.

Experts say the first thing you should do to stay safe online is own an up-to-date router.

A secure connection to the internet is key in preventing unauthorized access to your information.

Also, install anti-virus software to prevent direct access from the Internet to your devices.

“They just scan for any of the malware, spyware, any things that, cookies, any type of stuff that when you go to a website it attaches,” said Nathan Schwegman, Best Buy In-Home manager. “So this clears all of that stuff so companies aren’t collecting any personal data.”

When it comes to choosing a network password, the more complex, the less likely it is to be guessed.

“Create a new name and then as complicated and long of a password as possible,” explained Schwegman. “So make sure you have capital letters, lower case letters symbols exclamation points, spaces the longest one.”

Cybersecurity doesn’t only pertain to your computers and laptops but also your mobile phones and wireless devices.

“When you’re in public and you’re connecting your device to a free wifi for an example, people often know that that is not encrypted,” Schwegman added. “So when you’re on those free wifis people can access and hack those devices much more easily.”

Schewgman suggests staying away from the free public wifi and utilize the hot spot we have available on our own mobile devices.

“In many instances your phone has that free hotspot and you can conect you tablet, your laptop to your own hotspot that is password encrypted,” said Schewgman.

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