Receive a check in the mail? Beware of fake check scams

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HONOLULU (KHON2) – In a fake check scam, an unknown person asks you to deposit a check and send some of the money back.

The request can be for thousands of dollars and usually for more than you are owed

“Anytime somebody writes you a check for an additional cost and wants you to send money back that should be a big red flag,” said Roseann Freitas, Better Business Bureau Hawaii Marketplace Manager.

These fraudulent checks come in many forms. They might look like cashier, electronic, personal or business checks with business being the most common.

“They receive a check from their company say for their compensation and usually they’ll say we’re adding an additional amount of money so you can go buy your supplies or we’re sending you additional money and we need to send you the remainder part back here. “

You can avoid this scam by never relying on money from a check unless you know who you’re dealing with and don’t accept a check for more than the selling price.

“Anytime anyone sends you a check that’s over what you think you’re getting and wants you to wire them money you need to stop right there.”

If you’re tangled in a fake check scam, Frietas says report it to authorities to try to get your money back.

“You can report it to either the Federal Trade Commission or BBB and most definitely to your bank and see what recourse you might have in the bank system.”

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