New warnings about one ring phone scam

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Last week KHON2 News warned about the “one ring” phone scam. 

Now that the warnings are out, experts say the scammers are changing their tactics.

If you get a phone call that rings once, then stops, you may be the target of the “one ring” phone scam. 

In most cases, the scammer calls right back. If you answer, the scammer will hold you on the line and you will be charged an international fee for that call, by the minute. 

However, experts say if you do not answer the scammer, they will leave a voicemail and try and get you to call back. 

“So we’re seeing voicemails. One being you won a prize, the other is a family emergency. First of all if someone is calling you saying you won a prize, it’s probably safe to ignore that one. Family emergency one is harder because you are concerned, then check that phone number. Did that come from a local hospital or a hospital where that person is at?” said Roseann Freitas, Better Business Bureau.

Freitas also says a red flag to look out for is if the call is coming in during the middle of the night.

The call may look like it is coming from a U.S. or international number, but it’s actually coming from South Africa, starting with the area codes 222 and 232. 


  • Do not answer or return any calls from numbers you do not recognize.
  • Contact phone carrier and ask them to block international calls coming in to your phone.
  • Only answer calls from people you know.

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