HONOLULU (KHON2) — You are not alone if fake phone calls sound familiar.

The Better Business Bureau said imposters are still up to their old tricks even though we are over a month into 2022.

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These scams can be tricky because imposters are known to spoof the phone numbers of real companies to get the victim to pick up. The BBB said fraudsters tend to impersonate reputable organizations that consumers trust or even fear.

“So anytime a person is in a position of authority or expertise, we tend to trust that figure more, the problem is this person calling isn’t from the company they say they are.”

Roseann Freitas, BBB Hawaii marketplace manager

One form of this scam pretends to be a utility company. Here is where fear comes into play. The imposter says you have got to pay or they will shut off your electricity. The BBB said being familiar with your real provider is key.

“And just always understand how these companies work is usually best,” Freitas said. “You receive many notifications from any utility company before turning anything off.”

Then there are bank imposters who may ask for a little oo much information.

“Somehow they pretend to be the bank but all they need from you is your PIN number, your password and access to your account. They should — if they work for the bank — have access to that information without you providing it.”

Roseann Freitas, BBB Hawaii marketplace manager

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Tips to avoid imposters include staying calm and not acting immediately. Imposters thrive on rash and emotional decision-making. Another tip is telling the caller you will hang up. Scammers will usually get upset and try anything to keep you on the line where legit companies will not. You can also Google the name of the company and call them directly to guarantee a real representative will pick up.