Consumer Alert: Scammers targeting elderly

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Scammers often target the elderly, thinking they have a lot of money. 

Experts say people over 60-years-old, especially women living alone, are a prime target of scammers offering bogus services by phone.

“People call all the time by various groups telling them that they’ve won a huge prize or you should contribute to this charity something along those lines,” said Stephen Levins, Office of Consumer Protection Executive Director. 

Other scams targeting the elderly include the IRS scam, which involves getting a call claiming you’re going to jail because you haven’t paid your taxes.

Other common ones include charity and romance scams.

Both involve transferring money to people claiming to be someone they’re not.

“The main things is if someone calls you do not provide any of your personal information whether it’s for a contest, whether’s it’s for a charity whether’s if for anything, until you know you’re absolutely sure who you’re dealing with,” said Levins. 

Levins says if you suspect you or a loved one may be a victim of these scams, there are ways to double check your money.

“It’s a good idea to check your parents’, your loved ones’ credit card statements banking statements and to find out if there are any unusual charges on there.” said Levins. 

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