Consumer Alert: Scammers impersonate Liliha Bakery in social media scheme

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HONOLULU (KHON2) – A popular Oahu eatery is the latest victim of a social media imposter scam.

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Liliha Bakery has been dealing with not one, but two incidents of imposter social media pages. It all started about two weeks ago after their restaurant’s first giveaway on Instagram.

“We got a bunch of direct messages from our customers saying there’s this profile called Liliha Bakery Office that was direct messaging them claiming they had won the prize and requesting credit card information,” said Lori Kim, the Marketing Lead for Liliha Bakery.

Once the real Liliha Bakery caught wind of this scheme, the con artists moved over to Facebook and started including a link to a fake website.

“They really had our bakery logo and they had screen captures of our photos on Instagram to make it look like it was our page. We only have one website affiliated with Liliha Bakery,” said Kim.

The Better Business Bureau says these scams are common, especially with more online activity due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Always lookout for claims that ask a money to redeem a prize and beware of fake websites.

“Double check and look at the URL, make sure that really is the company that you know it is,” said Roseann Frietas, the Hawaii Marketplace Manager of the Better Business Bureau. “It’s so easy to have a fake website. So look at it, make sure it looks the same. If you have an inclination, listen to it and go directly to their browser or call them.”

Liliha Bakery has reported the imposter pages and the eatery says they would never ask for personal information via social media.

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