HONOLULU (KHON2) — Flight cancellations continuing into the new year due to COVID-related worker shortages are leaving travelers frustrated and weary, so what should you know if yours gets cut?

Passengers may not get their money back if they are the ones who cancel, however, they are entitled to a full refund — including add-ons –if it is the airline who makes the cancellation.

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“So whether it was an upgrade to a different, so first class or another option of having additional luggage, leg room for the bags that you carry, anything, any expense you pay, they have to refund all of it.”

Roseann Freitas, Hawaii BBB marketplace manager

Airlines may try to offer a company voucher for the cancellation but potential passengers can request cash or card payment instead.

“[A voucher] is an easy way to get it right then and there,” Freitas said. “However, if you don’t, you’re not required to accept the voucher, you can get your money back.”

Most airlines have apps to let passengers know if their flight has changed and will notify them as soon as it happens.

So some of them will email you, some of them will text message you. So it is good to sign up for some of those notifications should your flight change.

Roseann Freitas, Hawaii BBB marketplace manager

Call the airline directly if worse comes to worst and you have to cancel a trip. While they still should be able to help even though they are not required to give your money back.

“Especially when times like now, with the COVID cases going up, most of the airlines are understanding that, obviously because their employees themselves are being impacted by this as well,” Freitas said.

Other tips for flight cancellations; Keep any receipts or correspondence you have with the company in case you need to prove your purchase. If you’re going or coming from abroad, know that flights are subject to the laws of the country they are departing from — not where they will arrive.

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