HONOLUU (KHON2) Half a grand for free gas?

Sounds too good to be true. The Better Business Bureau said it probably is.

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High fuel prices are cutting into every driver’s budget, and the BBB said scammers are picking up on the demand.

Experts warn gas card scams have been tempting drivers with deals to ease the pain at the pump.

“So what people are starting to see is some social media posts that are offering gas gift cards up to $500, and they say they’re from a reputable company,” said Rosanne Freitas, of the Better Business Bureau.

Experts warn you could be asked to pay a one time shipping fee with a credit card, only to find out hundreds of dollars were withdrawn after a few days.

Another way scammers try to hook you in is with a fun-looking survey for a reward.

“When they link you on this survey, you’re clicking on something to go to it,” Freitas said. “You’re also opening up possibility of maybe malware getting onto your devices.”

So if you think you’ve found a deal for a free gas card, it’s best to check directly with the company.

“Go to that company’s website,” added Freitas. “See if they are offering this opportunity, and if you can’t see it on there, that is a big red flag. You could also call them.”

Other tips to stay away from gas card scams, never pay to win; legitimate companies won’t ask for money to get a free prize.

Don’t act on impulse. The BBB says the pain we’re all feeling at the pump shouldn’t lead to emotional and irrational thinking.

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