Consumer Alert: Cyber criminals take advantage of ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement with phishing scam

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HONOLULU (KHON2) – The Black Lives Matter movement has gained worldwide attention and now scammers are taking advantage of that. Thieves are targeting their next victims through phishing scams related to the cause.

The Better Business Bureau says cyber criminals are filling consumers’ inboxes with fake emails about the Black Lives Matter movement. The subject line will say “vote anonymous about Black Lives Matter” and the message includes a link.

Clicking on suspicious links does more harm than just downloading malware on your devices.

“Once you’ve clicked on link you’re giving that link and that person on the other end permission to either access your account, to open up things that can be downloaded to your computer,” said Roseann Freitas the Better Business Bureau Hawaii Marketplace Manager. “So you’ve given them permission and access to your device”.

Frietas says red flags include spelling and grammar errors in the subject line or message. Also, verify that the sender is legitimate.

“Probably before you do anything, go to your separate browser and type in the businesses name. Pull it up, see from them, do they have anything out there indicating that they are doing this survey?”

To report or learn more about phishing scams, go to the BBB Scam Tracker.

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