Consumer Alert: Beware of fake Coronavirus vaccines

Action Line

HONOLULU (KHON2) – Scammers are cashing in on our concerns about the Coronavirus. Officials are urging the public to look out for fake cures and phony prevention measures.

If you hear about a “cure” for the Coronavirus on social media or an email, it’s a scam. The fake message or post claims the government has discovered a vaccine and you can purchase it.

“We’re seeing out there a lot on social media and other platforms that there may be a vaccine or cure and they’re trying to sell you this whether it’s a vaccine or something else you can take to boost your immune system to make yourself better,” said Roseann Freitas, Better Business Bureau Hawaii Marketplace Manager.

There are currently no approved vaccines to prevent the disease.

If you fall for this scam you could be out of money and your personal information could be compromised.

“Anytime you click on anything in an email or social media there’s always that consequence that there could be malware attached to that link and that could now be downloaded to your computer.”

A red flag to watch out for are claims urging you to purchase the cure immediately.

“This is an emergency and it requires something to happen very quickly and it’s scary and that’s the idea the point is that they’re wanting to scare you.”

If you’re tempted to buy an unproven product, check with your doctor first. If you have fallen for this scam, you should report it to the authorities immediately.

“Go ahead you can report that to the Federal Trade Commission and you can also report that to”

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