HONOLULU (KHON2) — Amazon Prime Day starts July 12, and you might be looking for a great deal.

The Better Business Bureau has a warning if you’re about to click ‘order now.’

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The BBB said you’re not alone if you’re about to buy a discounted item.

“And that’s what everybody’s looking for,” said Roseanne Freitas of the Better Business Bureau. “That really good deal come July. What people really need to be careful of is in addition, fraud is out there. They’re going to try to take advantage of this sale, and that people really want to find a really good deal.”

You won’t get scammed if you’re using the real Amazon.

Scammers might send you a text or email claiming to be the e-commerce giant in an attempt to phish for your personal information.

“We know that any type of phishing email that comes in has that potential to redirect you to an imposter website, a phony website,” Freitas said. “It’s not hard to make a website look good.”

Freitas said one way fraudsters will try to trick you is sending a link that looks like it’s from a real company but the URL address is off just slightly.

“They keep the URL looking very similar and your brain might not notice,” she said. “There’s just that slight difference. So really look at that URL to make sure it is the correct one.”

Double check the URL before entering payment or personal information.

Other tips to avoid Prime Day scams, buy with a credit card so you can dispute the charge if something goes wrong. Also, use common sense! If someone says they’re selling this year’s hottest item at a price that seems way too low, it’s probably a scam.

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