HONOLULU (KHON2) — The official website to order free, at-home COVID-19 tests through the federal government opened on Tuesday, Jan. 18, but experts warn fake order forms for those tests could jeopardize the personal information of consumers.

The BBB says watch out for imposter sites if you have not ordered at-home tests yet.

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“They did that during COVID when it came to the stimulus checks,” said Roseann Freitas, BBB Hawaii marketplace manager. “They will on this because they’re going to try to gather information. They’re going to look very similar to what you should be going to and it would be hard to tell the difference.”

The real website to order free tests only asks for your name and address. A way to avoid fakes is by typing the official site — covidtests.gov — directly into your browser.

“But understand, these are free tests. The only thing they are going to ask you for is your name and your address.”

Roseann Freitas, BBB Hawaii marketplace manager

“They do not need your social security number,” Freitas said. “They don’t need payment. These are free. So just your name, and just your address.”

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Other tips for avoiding fake at-home test forms include avoiding links on social media platforms or text messages and reading the website’s URL closely to make sure one or two letters are not switched — which could mean it is a scam.