Beware: Scammers are preying on coronavirus fears

Action Line

HONOLULU (KHON2) — Fake emails, phone calls and texts regarding the coronavirus.

That’s what officials are warning the public about as the concern over the coronavirus grows.

“There’s people trying to take advantage of this situation and either infiltrate your computer, harvest personal information or ultimately try to steal money from you,” said Stephen Levins of the Hawaii Office of Consumer Protection.

Levins says the CDC and World Health Organization do not send out personal messages. So if you receive a call or link addressed from either of the two organizations, it might be a part of a phishing scam.

“Don’t click on any links because it’s being widely reported right now that there are bad people who are importing malware these computer viruses through these links you click on the links and instantly your computer is going to be infected.”

As the concern over the epidemic continues, Levins says be on the lookout for fake emails regarding vaccines.

“Bad people preying on our insecurities and fears regarding this coronavirus people shouldn’t fall for that if they get any kind of strange emails, emails out of the blue telling them that there’s a vaccine that’s going to take care of it it’s going to be a scam.”

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