Beware of online pop-up ads that lead to sites asking for personal information

Action Line

HONOLULU (KHON2) — More children are playing games online and risks continue to grow.

Officials are urging parents to help their children play safely.

Many apps sell specific game-currency to players and officials say scammers are taking advantage of this.

They’re creating pop up ads offering free currency.

The catch is the player must go to another site that requires personal information.

“So once they click on that link, it takes them now to a different website,” said Roseann Freitas of the Better Business Bureau. “This website will now get their information, name, address, and if any credit card information is in there, they’ll be able to access that as well.”

To prevent your child’s identity from getting stolen, officials say you should be cautious of suspicious links, strengthen passwords and set boundaries for your children.

“Just sit down and say if this pop-up comes up you cannot click on it,” said Freitas. “Maybe explain to them why because sometimes the parent might not be sitting there when that pop-up comes up and that kid might click, so educating your child and any controls you can put on your phones.”

If you think your child’s identity has been compromised through a gaming app you should immediately contact your credit card company.

“Cancel that credit card ask them to issue a new one and go double check your credit report,” Freitas added. “Make sure there’s no fraudulent activity and you can check that on your credit card statement.”

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