Avoid the riskiest scam–job scams

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A 2018 Better Business Bureau scam tracker risk report found employment scams are the riskiest. The report found 18 to 24-year-olds were scammed the most. Scammers will offer jobs online out of the blue, then like any other hiring process, they will ask for personal information for the job application. 

“They’re going to be asking for very sensitive information. Name, address, social security number, enough to create another you for identity theft,” said Lisa Nakao, Hawaii Better Business Bureau Office Manager.

To avoid falling for an employment scam, verify the company is real before moving forward. 

“You want to verify whether the company is there, it has a business registration record, or even calling neighboring places, but certainly check the government record first and the second checking the surrounding, see if there’s an actual business. Also try to meet with a person before you make that commitment,” said Nakao.

If you have already given up your information, there are ways to prevent scammers from stealing your identity. 

“You probably want to call your credit report agency and freeze it or at the very least place alert to catch the suspects activities,” said Nakao.

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