Avoid scams when booking travel arrangements

Action Line

With Spring Break coming up many people are actively looking for the best travel deals. But experts are warning you to book with verified websites and track your money.

“So, if it’s too good to be true moreso you want to be careful and do the research before you snatch that deal. Also, if you have to snatch that deal use a credit card,” said Lisa Nakao, Better Business Bureau Hawaii’s Office Manager.

Nakao also says once you pay, always track where your money is going. One thing you can do to confirm you are dealing with a real company is to check with the DCCA or BBB for a verified license. 

“Another thing they can do once they  make the travel arrangement, airline or hotel, they can also confirm with those companies directly to make sure  your reservation is there,” said Nakao.

Once you reach your destination, experts say as tempting as it is, stay off the free WiFi.

“If you are using it, though, you want to be sure that you are securing your information. So things like not making payemnt when you’re on the free WiFi because somebody could be in the middle mining all your infofmation,” said Nakao.

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