Advice on purchasing back to school supplies

Action Line

It’s back to school season and officials are warning about shopping for supplies online.

Whether you’re looking for laptops, backpacks or basic supplies, officials say this is a prime time for scammers to get you with fake back-to-school deals.

“They either want your money or your information because both are commodities so whether it’s you’re buying this computer and you pay them the money, we’re seeing people pay the money and then they never get the product,” said Roseann Freitas.

Freitas said a red flag is shopping on sites you clicked on through other links.

Another tip is to look for sites with https in their web address. If the s is missing, it’s not a secure website.

“If you know it’s a sale, just go to the website directly and see if you can find it because scammers will most definitely steal. A website may look very similar but there might be some slight differences,” said Freitas.

The final step you can take to shop safe is before checking out, always make sure you pay with a credit card.

“Always pay with a credit card, they’re a lot more protections on your credit cards and you can cancel it if it’s fraudulently used. Debit cards do no have those same protections,” said Freitas.

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