Protecting your child’s identity during back to school

Action Line

HONOLULU (KHON2) — Back to school means preparing your kids for the new school year. But it also means protecting their identity.

Heading back to school involves filling out information about your child including their name, address and social security number. Officials say it’s important for parents to take steps to keep their child’s information safe during this time.

“You are not required to give the school the child’s social security number, you can ask [to use] another identification number if you are not comfortable and they cannot deny your child going to school because you don’t give out the social security number. So, it’s one way to keep that protected,” said Roseann Freitas, Marketplace Manager, Better Business Bureau Hawaii.

Freitas says another tip is to not let your child carry around their social security card. Also, educate your child on being safe online, especially on social media.

Children under 18 are prime targets for scammers because they have a clean credit history. Freitas says freezing their credit is another way you can protect their personal information.

If you feel like your child’s identity has been compromised you can contact your credit report agency to see if there has been any signs of identity theft.

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