Action Line: Beware travel website imposter

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Action Line: Beware travel website imposter

HONOLULU (KHON2) — If you’re already booking your holiday travel plans online beware.

There’s a growing number of complaints about a travel website that’s not what it seems.

The Better Business Bureau has seen an increase in complaints alleging scammers are posing as Booking dot com.

The consumers thought they were reaching out to the travel website to make a change to their plans or get a refund.

In these cases, the consumer found the phone number online through a search or on social media.

“They had been redirected to a phone number that they thought was booking dot com and it was actually a scammer,” said Better Business Bureau Marketplace Manager Roseann Freitas. “So through the con that we see, they want to make some changes to your travel plans but they need some money from you to be able to do that which involves going to buy gift cards because we know that’s the mode of transportation these days for the money.”

The impersonators promise the money will be refunded.

None of these customers spoke with booking dot com, instead, they were tricked into communicating with the impersonator the whole time.

“The next time you come back they might say I didn’t get that transaction or we need a little more money,” said Freitas. “They keep doing that until you realize you’ve been conned.”

According to the BBB, Booking dot com says that it is one of several companies being targeted.
The company’s own investigation has found impostors have created fake customer service numbers and posted them online in hopes of luring in travelers.

“Go online, do the research,” emphasized Freitas. “For Booking dot com, make sure you’re at their website and make sure that’s their correct phone number you call.”

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