HONOLULU (KHON2) — Primary Election Day is on Saturday, Aug. 13 and KHON2 wanted to know what Hawaii voters are looking for.

We asked residents, “What does a candidate do to earn your vote?”

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“To show me how they make the taxes that I pay, work for me and other people,” Makiki resident Jennie Grangerono said. “Not just to groom something for somebody’s special project and things like that.”

Other locals had a similar tune.

“I would say, just be real,” Ala Moana resident Angelo Rosas said. “With, you know, I don’t like the whole thing just putting on a face for the T.V. and then after the cameras turn off, you turn into a complete different person, you know?”

Common Cause Hawaii promotes public involvement in local elections and said holding politicians accountable is a key part of democracy. Constituents can reach out to their elected officials through a phone call, email, in-person visit to the Capitol or even through social media platforms.

“You could even, if they have social media accounts, follow them on social media and make comments on their social media platforms,” said Sandy Ma, Common Cause Hawaii executive director.

“We put people in office, and we remove them from office once we do not vote for them, if they don’t get enough of our votes!”

Sandy Ma, Common Cause Hawaii executive director

Ma’s insight gave a whole new meaning to the phrase, “Power to the people.”

“I would say if I’m the one who really calls the shots, then man,” Rosas said. “I would hope who I put in place doesn’t mess things up. And if they do, then I feel a little bit responsible also about it, but it’s, it’s good to know that I actually do have a voice in these decisions, you know?”

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We asked several other questions and heard a variety of answers from Hawaii residents — be sure to tune in at 6 p.m. on Saturday to hear more.