HONOLULU (KHON2) – It’s Election Day in Hawaii and as ballots continue getting processed, this is where you can find real-time election results as they come in, starting after 7 p.m.

Two mayoral races are underway in Hawaii. Kauai County and Maui County both looking to re-elect their incumbents or elect a new mayor.

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Maui Race

Maui County voters are deciding to either re-elect the Incumbent Michael Victorino or elect former Judge Richard Bissen.

Victorino’s top priorities are expediting construction of housing that Maui County residents can afford to rent or buy, diversifying our economy to become more self-reliant in food, fuel and less dependent on outside economic forces and preparing for the inevitable problems that climate change will continue to bring to Hawaii.

Bissen’s top priorities are infrastructure to preserve, protect and increase available water resources, develop kama’aina housing, workforce and economic development and preserve our natural and cultural resources while mitigating invasive species.

According to the 10 p.m. election print out Richard Bissen has widened his lead on incumbent Michael Victorino.

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Kauai Race

Kauai County voters are deciding to either re-elect the Incumbent Derek Kawakami or elect Michael Roven Poai.

Kawakami’s top priorities are continuing to address a myriad of infrastructure needs including road resurfacing and incorporating complete streets to improve safety and mobility; addressing solid waste and landfill issues; and maintenance and expanding our wastewater systems. Infrastructure is one of county governments core competencies and deserves our focus. It helps to stimulate the economy, create well-paying jobs, and improves the overall quality of life for our residents.

Roven Poai’s top priorities are Housing, Fair Government and Youth.

According to the 10 p.m. election print out Derek Kawakami has widened his lead on Michael Roven Poai.

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