HONOLULU (KHON2) — Over on Maui, long lines snaked around the Wailuku Community Center from morning until night on Primary Election Day. It was the only voter service center open on the island. Some voters prefer to vote in person.

“I think, because my mom and dad prefer it and I come with them so I just follow them so we just do it all together,” said Jennifer Perez, a Waiehu resident.

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Some voters said one voter service center on election day is not enough plus lack of signage cause confusion.

“I just recently injured my knee and it’s very hard for me to get around so when I couldn’t find the box, in my opinion, it was worst this year,” said Dixie Laughery, a Kahului resident.

“There were a lot of people that I saw waiting in line and they were asking where do they drop off their ballots. So if there were a sign that directed them to where to go that would be perfect,” said Perez.

Maui officials agree that improvements can be made.

“Perhaps poles with the barriers so there’s an obvious line to stand in and that line can be directed and there’s a clear path to the drop box,” said Keani Rawlins-Fernandez, Maui County Council vice chair.

The Maui County Clerk’s office said they understand the voters’ concerns.

“In 2020, we actually had a drive-thru where the driver could drive up to the drop box and deposit it there and so possibly bringing that back would be good,” said Kathy Kaohu, Maui County Clerk.

On Oahu, elections officials said all went well on election day and voters can expect a similar process for the General Election.

“I think we set something up for the primary that works so we hope to come back out in a few weeks and do it all over again,” said Rex Quidilla, Honolulu elections administrator.

The state Office of Elections advised voters to make any changes to their registration ahead of the General Election.

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“So if they do move they need to update their registration and it’s easy to do,” said Chief Elections Officer Scott Nago. “You can go to our website and do it online with a driver’s license or Hawaii state I.D. or you can just fill out an application.”