HONOLULU (KHON2) – Two mayoral races are underway in Hawaii. Kauai County and Maui County both looking to re-elect their incumbents or elect a new mayor.

It’s too late to mail ballots in and to vote in-person or drop off ballots. Polls closed Saturday August 13, at 7 p.m.

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The crowded race for Maui County mayor is underway with eight candidates trying to win the spot currently held by Incumbent Michael Victorino. 

Victorino’s term began January 2, 2019, and he is once again running, hoping to hold his spot for another 4 years. 

Former Judge Richard Bissen, Councilmember Kelly King, Councilmember Mike Molina, Alana Kay, Cullan Bell, Jonah Lion and Kimberly Brown are all running this year. 

On Thursday July 28, Victorino, Bissen and King shared their opinions on what they would do if elected Mayor during the Maui County debate. 

“We’re not waiting and we’re pushing forward, but more importantly we get push back from the council sometimes and it makes it difficult for our partners like good developers, but rentals are what we need,” said Michael Victorino, Mayor of Maui County.

“There has to be mix-use communities, because it would cut down traffic if we are living, working and playing in one community which is not how this island has been designed,” said Kelly King, Maui County Councilmember and candidate for Maui County mayor.

“We don’t believe Sears is coming back or Sports Authority, so we need more housing and less stores,” said Richard Bissen, a former Judge and candidate for Maui County mayor. “People aren’t going to brick and mortar places, so we need to build there, because there’s already water and sewer rather than building on pristine areas.”

Kauai Race

Four candidates are trying to take the spot of Kauai Mayor including incumbent Derek Kawakami.

Mitch McPeek, Former business executive Megeso William-Denis and Kauai County employee Michael Roven Poai. 

The top two candidates for each race will move on to the general election this upcoming November.