HONOLULU (KHON2) — Following a crowded field of candidates in the August primaries, the voters have decided to have Lt. Gov. Josh Green (D) and former Lt. Gov. Duke Aiona (R) face off on Nov. 8 in Hawaii’s gubernatorial election.

Voters will receive their ballots in the mail by Oct. 21.

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KHON2 hosted the governor’s office debate on Wednesday, Oct. 5, that also included a discussion between the two candidates for lieutenant governor.

Click here to watch the full debate.

After the debate, the candidates were asked if there was anything that wasn’t covered that they would like voters to know. Here are their responses:

Aiona: “I think I’d like to expand on our housing solution. What I forgot to mention, the problem is because of outside influences affecting the price and availability of homes. When we talk about looking at the local community, that’s why it’s so imperative, to tie it in into the local income.”

Green: “I want them to know I’ll be passionate about homeless solutions. As we build housing for our middle class, workforce housing, that’s our central focus. But those suffering — about 10,000 individuals across our state — we have to take care of them, get them off the streets, for our own morality, but we have to solve this problem. I’ve already begun to build kauhale — Hawaii should lead the way.

I don’t think we talked enough about climate change. Hawaii should lead on the climate question, and so when I talk about a climate impact fee paid for by mainland people, it’s so we can afford the programs so we don’t tax our own people to help with shoreline erosion and roads that fall into the sea. Housing people. We have to lead the way. As governor, I intend to be a proactive leader locally on these key issues. I humbly ask for people’s votes, as being LG for four years, I’m eager to take on some of the challenges with our team.”

The candidates were also asked a mix of serious and less serious questions before the debate that both reflect their stance on issues as well as their personalities. Click here to read Green’s responses. Click here to read Aiona’s responses.

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This November, one of them will succeed Gov. David Ige (D) who’s ending his second term.