HONOLULU (KHON2) — From being processed and secured, election officials are busy at the statewide counting center in the State Capitol.

“The City processes it with the signature verification, we get it today and we process it. So this is about 14,000 ballots we’re going to run through and we’re going to scan these ballots but we’re not going to tabulate them until tomorrow after 7 p.m.,” said Scott Nago, Chief Elections Officer.

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Once the ballots are processed, they’re secured in metal cages. The cages on the Senate floor hold all of the ballots received on Oahu so far.

“There’s a seal on it and has a unique number and we record the seal number on the form. We put one form inside the cage, we put one form outside and the observer signs off on the form so we know when we sealed it nobody had gone into it because the seal number is there,” said Nago.

So far, the Office of Elections said everything is running smooth ahead of election day.

“It’s just fortunately the morning shift has been really fast, really efficient and really dedicated so we don’t have to work in the evening so that’s why we cancelled the evening shifts,” Nago said.

The Office of Elections says so far about 256,000 ballots have been returned statewide. For Oahu 180,000 were returned as of Friday which is more than 37 percent of registered active voters.

Meanwhile, Hawaii Island has had about 44,000 registered active voters turn in ballots. In Maui County, 26,000 votes have been cast and on Kauai around 9,000. Statewide, that’s about a 25 percent decrease compared to the last primary election.

“I think when the votes come in, it will be less than 2020,” said John Hart, KHON2 political analyst. “Mail in voting isn’t going to compensate for it being a non-presidential year.”

It’s too late to mail ballots in, but it’s not too late to vote in-person or drop off ballots.

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“Whether it’s the drop box or voting in person at a voter service center the deadline is 7 p.m. on election day, so if you’re in line before 7 p.m. you’ll be allowed to continue the process,” said Nago.