Meet Leonard the Chinese Shar-Pei mix! Leonard is an energetic and loving 4-year-old boy that came to the Hawaiian Humane as a stray. He would thrive with some obedience training and confidence-building because he is a bit shy. If you have a fun-loving and active family, Leonard may be your perfect match.  

To help jumpstart your training with Leonard, Hawaiian Humane offers a new perk for all dog adopters! New dog parents now receive a free week of online dog training from their friends at GoodPup! If you like their online instruction, you can continue with training with a special link that gets you a 20% discount on virtual training for life!  

If you are interested in adopting Leonard or any of the wonderful pets looking for homes, visit Hawaiian Humane’s website to learn more about the adoption process and all the great programs and services they offer.